CSR projects

sustainable business race
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Ozeleni Biznis

With the aim of addressing the topic of sustainability, we organized the first sustainable business race together with our partners and collected 320 kg of pet materials and 95 kg of cans, which we recycled.

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Trka za šume

In cooperation with the Divac Foundation, we launched the humanitarian campaign "Race for Forests", with the idea of planting enough trees to offset the CO2 emissions of the Belgrade race. 19 companies donated a total of 198 saplings of young evergreen trees, which exceeded the goal and provided a good basis for the next one - the SBR forest!

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Pokaži Da Možeš

With the aim of addressing the problem that very few women in Serbia engage in physical activity, through the ŽelimHoćuMogu project, we organized a free yoga class for all girls and women who signed up. The event was attended by over 70 women of all age groups.